Benjamin Tomasi


Vertraute Distanz

Vertraute Distanz: Ein installatives Organ / Claudia and Benjamin Tomasi. A dance performance piece.

Entering the space the spectator is confronted with a situation recalling that of an art exhibition in a gallery space and its dynamics of moving audiences. The installation *=/- by Benjamin Tomasi (2011) is displayed in the space. This version of Vertraute Distanz – Ein installatives Organ is part of a series of attempts by the siblings Benjamin and Claudia Tomasi to deal with the presence of the installation *=/- on stage. It is about the possible incorporations of the installation and its inherent levels of meaning.

The installation evokes the image of a horizon, which is in permanent but minimal motion of expansion and contraction; it deals with the collective memory of a horizon. The performance in turn hints at hidden narratives and relations that manifest on stage. Both the installation and the performance represent a projection surface (a screen) that allows the viewer to link their own experiences and systems of reference.

Vertraute Distanz operates through allusions, by means of latency, and on the threshold of perception. It is the first collaboration between Claudia and Benjamin Tomasi towards an inter junction between their different artistic disciplines.

Ast fällt auf Tonspur

with Bernhard Garnicnig
shown at: Magazin Vienna
aided by: Ma7 city of Vienna and bmukk Austria

2010, HD Video 11 min, Video on Laptop 7 min, Video Pal 6 min., 2 Microphones, Software Pd, Computer, Audio Interface, Object, Photography, Lp, Poster

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picture by dune

scene 2 of the hanging garden party

with Alex Murray-leslie from chicks on speed, Kroot Juurak and pelican avenue

2009, Sound Dance Performance, Tokyo

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| video


with Valerie Lange

2009, space oriented audio installation, dropping radiators, water, graphic A4.

An opening as an unique space/ time/ sound constellation: Ten artists intervene in the soundscapes of the opening. Written concepts of the works and the recording of the opening document the acoustic happening.


with Marie-Anne Bacquet

2004, video, 3min

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