Benjamin Tomasi

Selected works

DOCCIA - Aloha Amalienbad Version

Video HD, 35 min. 2018. 2006-2018, installation/object, floating shower tray, shower pole, shower head, underwater pump.


2015, multi part installation, colored rope, salt alum crystals, moss, room within a room glass, transparent polycarbonate, sound.


2014, Installation, Fahne: 4c print auf Fahnenstoff 130x350cm, Bambus. Fotomontage. Eisenplatte 100x100cm, Transducer, Verstärker, Audiofile.


2013, Installation, 2 Lautsprecher, Spiegel, LED Taschenlampe, Sinuston


2012, Video, HD, Loop, 120min, schwarze Projektionsfläche 200x120cm

Re:Fwd:White Out / Glisz

2011, wooden hut, light, sound

Re:Fwd: First Encounter, Desert Springs

2011, Acoustic Assemblage: Ice Cubes, Joshua Tree, Sun ( with Peter Fritzenwallner and Bernhard Garnicnig)


2011, HD Video Loop, Sound, 12 min.

Re:Fwd: Ono mato, Po iesis

2011, HD Video 55:42 min, Object, 2 Seashells, Microphones, Sound

Desert In

2010, video HD, performance, sound

Re:Fwd: Ast fällt auf Tonspur

2010, HD video 11 min, video on Laptop 7 min, video Pal 6 min, 2 Microphones, Software Pd, Computer, Audio Interface, Object, Photography, Lp, Poster


2009, sound/object installation, blank cupper wires on wall, contact microphones, cables, audio interface, computer running ableton live patch, loudspeaker

zwei zwei Zweier (two two Twos)

2008, video installation, 1 DVD loop 20 min, 1 DVD loop 30 min, 2 monitors, 2 stands


2008, sound/object installation, subwoofer, candle, metal plate, light sensor in a cardboard box, microprocessor, VCO

play for six voices, the coincidence and one outsider

2007, multi-part, space-oriented audio and object installation


2007, 6 photographies, intervention in public space, audio cd 3:49 min, book


2006, 6 pigment prints 100x100 cm, framed


2006, installation/ object, swimming shower with water aspiration mechanism


2004, video, 3min

possible pictures

2003, space oriented audio/object installation, 14 empty frames, 14 headphones, 14 audio cds, 14 cd player


2002, 3 c prints, 110x150 cm, laminated on dibond