Benjamin Tomasi


are Benjamin Tomasi and Bernhard Garnicnig - for further information please!

Re:Fwd:White Out / Glisz

2011, wooden hut, light, sound

Re:Fwd: First Encounter, Desert Springs

2011, Acoustic Assemblage: Ice Cubes, Joshua Tree, Sun ( with Peter Fritzenwallner and Bernhard Garnicnig)

Re:Fwd: Ono mato, Po iesis

2011, HD Video 55:42 min, Object, 2 Seashells, Microphones, Sound

Re:Fwd: Ast fällt auf Tonspur

2010, HD video 11 min, video on Laptop 7 min, video Pal 6 min, 2 Microphones, Software Pd, Computer, Audio Interface, Object, Photography, Lp, Poster