Benjamin Tomasi


2007, 6 photographies, intervention in public space, audio cd 3:49 min, book.

Napoliparking was developed for a publication on the use and modification of urban space by means of daily life. Napoliparking was such an intervention in public space in Naples, Italy. 

The via Garibaldi, a scenic road in Naples, is a tourist place during the day and a meeting place for lovers who seek some privacy at night. There they meet in their cars.

I asked these couples to sing Italian love songs in Karaoke style in their cars. After that I mounted the recordings so that it became a big cacophonic choir. A choir that represents their love and their usage of the road and therefore the changing of the meaning of this specific public space/ road. 

The pictures published in the Book show parts of the road/cars and parts of the romantic scenery.  

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