Benjamin Tomasi

play for six voices, the coincidence and one outsider

2007, multi-part, space-oriented audio and object installation.

realized for the exhibition:
PRINZGAU/podgorschek – weg mit dem Ziel! Teil 2 INFILTRATION- Künstlerhaus Graz

The installation consists of several audio / object installations, a blink-able score and the uncontrollable ambient noise. The visitor is invited to play with and to complete the installation. Participants not present can take part by calling two cell phone numbers.

By calling the first number one can reach a cell phone which is connected to a steel wire. As the cell phone is on vibracall the steel wire is vibrating with every incoming call. The vibration of the steel wire is detected by a guitar pickup and then broadcasted by a guitar amplifier…

...The second cell phone is connected to the sound system of the museum and set to automatically pick up. Via email people where asked to kindly call the number of this cell phone and ask a question they always wanted to ask, but never did, or to give an answer to any question.

...The outsider is a voyeur. One that is looking and can not move from his/her perspective. Using the headphones one can hear a fictitious story about a hole that was discovered in the museum. Regardless what the museum did to get rid of the hole, the hole always came back. It appeared and disappeared in different places. Today it is captured on the wall so that it can not escape and show up somewhere else again. In this way it became a part of the museum’s inventory...

…The coincidence consists of a sentence one can hear with the headphones, an inscription on the floor showing a specific time and a certain position the visitor has to take.
The visitor would hear: “From this position one will see, on the opposite wall in the second window from the left, at the time shown on the floor, with good luck and just when the weather is nice, the reflection of a white bearded man.”
This coincidence seems impossible, but it is not excluded to become truth. This coincidence is a symbol of the possible finalization of the installation.

…The “score for eight eyes” works with the rhythm of the closing and opening of the eyes of 4 participants and can be understood as a visual focus, the different points of view one may take…